The Perfect Mum – Does She Exist?

We all STRIVE to be the perfect mum – but does she actually exist?

I can’t tell you my thoughts on that here – you have to LISTEN!  Yup – I’ve popped my Podcast cherry baby!

When Alison from Not Another Mummy Blog came to my house to interview me for her fast-growing and brilliant Podcast we started on The Perfect Mum and somehow ended up on Robbie Williams!  How does that even happen?  Life – it’s a funny one!

I’m usually the one ASKING the questions, so it always feels odd to be in the passenger seat but I loved it. And chatting to her, I was aware of how grateful I am for all the super strong women in my life and how crucial that we all support each other.

Listen here and enjoy!

And thanks Alison!

K x


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